Men's Snap Button Navy Blue Utility Kilt

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The perfect kilt for outdoor living, festival times, and desert crossings!

  • Men's kilt length is traditional 24 inches
  • Utility Kilt in the Modern Tradition of Utilikilt Brand Kilts (Utilikilt invented it, but we create our own unique kilts from the centuries old traditional Scottish Kilts.)
  • 3 ADJUSTABLE METAL BUTTONS on each kilt. You'll find no other Utility Kilt with this kind of versatility. Be assured your size WILL FIT! We have these Utility Kilts specially made with his feature. The size is as marked, but when you drink the size goes DOWN with your ale-belly, so we have 3 ADJUSTABLE BUTTONS. Our unique adjustable kilt and heavy duty canvas material ensures you'll be wearing your kilt no matter how big the feast!
    (We advise ordering LARGER if you are unsure, as they adjust down in size.
  • Kilt only included in this sale.
  • Navy Canvas Kilt is machine washable, and layered cotton for warm nights and cool days
  • 5 yards of warm. 
  • Traditional pleated back/flat front Scottish kilt style
  • Suitable and sexy kilt for casual wear, costume, sports events, construction kilt, Burning Man, Outdoor Festivals, or anything else
  • Kilt has adjustable straps to adjust for any man's needs; big or small!
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    Measure Around the 'Waist': The simple, but little known technique is to measure 1-2 inches ABOVE THE NAVEL.

    Order Larger: If you're 36.5 inches around your waist, order a 38. If you're 36" exactly, order a size 36, etc. as kilts are adjustable to a size smaller.

    Not the same size as your trousers: The kilt is meant to trim your middle and enhance your shape by cinching your midsection. Often, your waist will be larger or smaller than your trousers.

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