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Best in Scotland: Men's Kilt Measurement Information - Utility Kilts

Best in Scotland: How to measure for our Men's Utility Kilts

When measuring for any kilt, you'll want to measure at your waist, just a bit above your navel. 

Furthermore, when measuring for one of our custom made, adjustable Utility Kilts, keep in mind there are 3 rows of adjustable snaps to give you greater flexibility than with other brands. However, for a perfect fit, always round up. If you're 32 & 1/2" around your waist, you'll need to order a 34. Our Utility Kilts tend to be a bit tighter fit than most are used to, considering a kilt is meant to trim the figure when worn correctly. 

When ready, order from Best in Scotland, or if you have any questions, our contact form can be located on our Contact Us page.