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Our Kilts on The Stage


we had a very special order. A lady phoned and asked for quite a large and unusual array of things, including 30 m sq. of Pride of Scotland Cloth. It transpired that this lady was Debbie Jenkins, the wardrobe mistress for the NTBS (National Theater Ballet School) in Melbourne. She needed them to be shipped from the UK to Australia in record time. They were the costumes and set dressings for an upcoming production of Les Sylphides. Everything, from caps and sashes to shirts and kilts.

We got in touch with our factory and began sourcing the items. Some of them had to be made specially while others needed to be sourced from elsewhere in the UK as we didn't have the stock on hand. After a couple of weeks we shipped some of the packages from the factory (and some from our little store) to Melbourne. They arrived and I was told that the cast was very pleased with the items. We got some photos of the cast rehearsing in costume and the production is going ahead smoothly.
Take a look:
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